The word of the day is… “Programming”

It has been my sole preoccupation for the past 6 months.
Much to the detriment of my social life, I have finally decided to knuckle down and study object-oriented programming… properly!
I think “properly” there is the key word. For too long I’ve been bouncing around, fudging my way through creating inefficient bits of software. I decided it was time for that Mo to quit, and this new Mo to pick up where the old one left off.

Since I was around 12 years old, I dreamed of working as a software developer. It was my life’s ambition. Over the years, despite working in a variety of industries, my obsession with computers never let up. I kept coming back to attempting to learn to code, but gave up far too quickly. Never disciplined enough to learn it properly. Even after I began working for a software company, I still couldn’t find the motivation to keep at it. I’d produce the odd mediocre app here and there, and then stop for months on end.

Well, now that I finally have an opportunity to work as a software developer, my motivations have changed somewhat. Every spare moment of every waking minute is now spent pouring over programming literature: best practices; design patterns; language updates and features.
If I’m not reading about it, then I’m watching online courses about it. I recently completed courses on Java, Android, C#, WPF, MVVM, and PowerShell. I’m not saying I’m anywhere near being an expert in any of these areas, but I’m much, much higher up the ladder than I was half a year ago.

The point of writing this small note? As a reminder to myself to never stop learning.

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