Things as they are

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if an alien race suddenly came upon our planet and decided to observe us for a while.
I think the more they saw, the more confused they would get. I’m going to try and put myself in the shoes of an alien, and document my findings.

First, I’d notice the different types of life the planet sustains: Animal, plant, bacteria, etc.
Then I’d breakdown each into subgroups based on similarities.
Once I’ve done all this, I’ll have a basic view into the different types of animals and plants. I’ll also have a breakdown of the differences between them (e.g. warm blooded vs. cold blooded, mammal vs. fish, etc).

At this point, I’ll have also identified humans as the creature at the top of the food chain, and that with seemingly, the most intelligence.
I will probably comment on the fact that “humans come in different shapes and sizes, but are biologically the same both in physical and mental capacity”.
(Much as we might look at a group of cats: we can see one is ginger, one is white, one is black… but unless we are severely disturbed, we wouldn’t discriminate against one because of its colour (black cats of course don’t count – there’s years of stupidity behind this which I won’t go into)).

I’ll then note how human beings generally appear to remain in groups based on their skin colour. I’ll notice that this also applies in densely populated zones where there is a large number of people of various skin colours (large cities such as New York and London have boroughs that are predominantly occupied by one ethnic group).

I’ll be amazed at how human beings fight each other, whether in the same area of residence, or by invading other areas… yet, also help people who suffer as a result of this.

It will surprise me that humans will kill and consume some four legged animals, yet treat others with more respect and love than their fellow biological counterparts.

Finally, it will shock me how so many human beings will continue to suck the planet dry of finite resources, destroying populations of the animals, and the supply of vegetation they require for sustenance; needlessly wasting sources of fuel they need for basic survival needs (such as warmth, light, etc); causing an endless stream of pollution that is destroying their carefully balanced environment; and for the most part, never being emotionally satisfied.

In short, as an alien observing Earth, I would have to report that, retrospectively, any life form on this planet is more intelligent than a human being.

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