Why make movies…

… when all you do is make terrible ones?

Here is something I don’t understand. Hollywood, as a collective institution, has billions and billions of dollars. Each of the big studios is worth far too much money, and they have, what appears to be, limitless spending power.

Furthermore, they keep reminding us that film piracy is terrible and it robs the industry, blah blah blah.  So we all go to the cinema, pay an extortionate amount of money, and support the industry by watching their latest time-filler.

Now, when you consider how much money a big studio has, let’s say Paramount or Dreamworks (both were involved in making the recent Transformers franchise), you can pretty much guarantee that they can get whatever they want for their money. You want to buy the rights to Transformers… done. You want a high profile director… done. The director wants tons of money for special effects… done.
They can have any crew, writers, actors, etc… that they desire. There is literally nothing stopping them.

So why then, is it, that they simply continue to make TERRIBLE films? How do so many terrible actors get through auditions?
Why hire writers that cannot actually write?
Or directors that haven’t grasped the very basic concepts taught in film 101?

We all know the answer to this: sex and drugs… I’ve seen Entourage. I know what it’s all about. It’s not what you know at all. By supporting the film industry, you are supporting the drug and prostitution trade: That’s the advert I want to make to show before all films you download off the internet illegally 😛

But seriously though… The industry has very cleverly nestled itself into a throne of power from which it cannot be removed. Ticket sales, merchandise, DVDs, sequels, prequels. Is there no end to their money making?

It’s not all bad though. Sometimes the bigger studios will get it right (Avengers Assemble – thank you Disney), but more often than not, it’s the small budget, independent films that are most loved. You can watch the latest $400m Michael Bay Hollywood blockbuster and forget about it the next day with little trouble. But the $400,000 independently made Napoleon Dynamite will stay with you forever.

The solution? Simple: Only pay to watch good, independently made films… download everything else.
Unless their money supply is threatened, they will never learn.

On a related note, I think I’ll start posting up some ideas for films that any studio in Hollywood can steal from me – I give you permission. haha

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