Who watches the Watch Dogs… and other tales

In case you hadn’t figured it out already, I’ve been playing Watch Dogs, the new game from Ubisoft (the studio that brought you Assassins Creed); and I must say, I’m perhaps a little more than addicted.

I’m not going to run through a whole review right now, mainly because each moment longer I spend on here is time I’m not playing Watch Dogs. I will say this though: despite the mixed reviews, you must play this game if:

a) You like GTA

b) You like Assassins Creed

c) You wish both of the above games offered you a chance to think a little more

d) You want computer hacking to be as easy as it seems in the movies

Watch Dogs
That’s one of the game logos by the way

In addition to a bit on Watch Dogs, I promised “… and other tales” in the headline, and here they are, broken down for your literary consumption:

1) The recent European elections has shown me that in times of stress and financial concern, every country is happy to blame foreigners for their troubles. I don’t know if you’ll remember this, probably not, as you weren’t alive; but back in the early 1900’s there was this guy named Hitler. He was the leader of a right-wing political party in Germany. You might have heard of them: The Nazis? Well, anyway, he convinced the country to vote for his party and pretty much blamed all of Germany’s troubles on a religious group of people called the Jews. Long story short, we got the Holocaust and a World War.

Now it looks like the biggest players in Europe are voting in their far-right parties into power. Parties that are very obviously racist and have many members who would probably make up the core of the Nazi Party should Hitler come back from the dead and decide to reclaim his former “glory”.

I don’t know… maybe voters don’t yet understand the most fundamental concepts of humanity, cultural diversity, or financial prosperity. Personally, if a far-right party comes into power here and kicks me out the country, I’m taking curry with me; and I urge all you other “foreigners” to do the same. Not just your foods though, all your social and intellectual teachings as well. Could you imagine an England without curry and only two baths a year? An America without Pizza? An Australia with Aborigines? Wait, what?! (It’s okay, laugh it off).

2) I’m really starting to like Jimmy Fallon. Not being in the US, I can’t watch his show on TV, but the highlights are always on YouTube. He gets really awesome people on the show, and gets them to do hilarious things. I wish we could have lip sync battles on our talk shows. I mean, the guy is a genius. I think I’ll have to try and stream it or something.

3) I might have to give up on Game on Thrones. I’m on book 3 now, and although I loved it so much to begin with, I’m just getting really bored now. It’s one of those things that seems like it will never end… or when it does, it will be the biggest let down of all time. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. But if so, I’ll let the TV show prove me wrong. There’s also a tonne of other books I really want to read, and I’m a very slow reader, GoT just takes up way too much time. I’m still undecided. I will have to finish book 3 either way, as I can’t leave a book unfinished.

4) Actually I think that’s enough now. Back to Watch Dogs!


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