Growing up

This morning, I saw a middle-aged woman on a scooter going to work. Let me be clear here – this was not a scooter like a Vespa. I’m talking about a scooter like this:



That’s right… a child’s scooter. But you know what? This is not a new thing to me… I’ve seen it before. Living in London, you see all kinds of strange things, but it doesn’t mean I agree with all of them – especially this one.

There are some things reserved for children and no adult should ever do them. Riding a scooter like the one above is a perfect example of something you should never witness an adult doing.

To do my part to help society, I’ve created a table below to help you identify whether the things you did as a child are acceptable as an adult. I pray it stops you from deciding to ride a scooter to work.

Things you did
as a Child
Acceptable as an Adult? Repercussions
if Done
if Done when Drunk
Ride a scooter  cross You look like a fool Hilarious
Play with Lego  tick You look awesome Hilarious
Play doctor  tick Funtimes Hilarious
Skateboarding  tick Tony Hawk wannabe Hilarious
Ride a bike  tick Conscientious Commuter Hilarious
Knock and run  cross Disturber of the peace Hilarious
Bullying  tickcross Next Bill Gates Hilarious
Kiss chase  cross Sexual assault case Hilarious
Have imaginary
 cross Psychological
Share a bath with your siblings  cross Wrong, wrong, wrong…
So wrong
Wrong, wrong, wrong…
So wrong
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