The problem with Urban Dictionary

This is nothing new really… there’s going to be quite a few people who have a very similar opinion to the one I’m about to express (for once), but I feel the need to express it anyway… that and the fact that I haven’t written anything for while means a new post was really needed (for my part at least).

So… what’s the problem? All the freaking racism man. Urban Dictionary, you need to lock that down yo!
Just search Urban Dictionary for names like “Muhammed” or “Muslim“. As a living example of someone who is both a Muslim and a Mohammed, I can categorically say that their definitions, for the most part, are not true. Furthermore, they’re insanely racist – and apparently that’s completely fine.

I know that some people are intelligent enough to just ignore it, but the sad fact of life is, a lot of people do go to Urban Dictionary for information. Sure, there are some hilarious definitions on there (which I won’t post on here as there may be children reading); but for each one of those, there are a whole bunch of racist ones (see Maori – it’s not just Muslims being attacked here).

What’s even more annoying is, if you read the entries for “white people“, they’re about how “white people” are not all bad and that they have to put up with racist slurs everyday, being unable to voice their own feelings because they’ll be labelled racist… Wow. I very much doubt that black people are writing the racist definitions of “black people“.

And if you think it’s just a small minority of people who feel that way – look at the UP votes on the racist articles – far more approval than disapproval. I understand that the internet gives you anonymity, so people can voice their true feelings… but, is that how people really feel? Do most people really think all Muslims are terrorists who refuse to fit in with society? If that’s the world I’m living in right now, then there is honestly no hope for mankind.

But you know what? I know all this. I know there’s no hope. I know that most people are ignorant sheep, quivering in fear of what the media prints, resorting to racism and violence instead of understanding.

If I know all this, why am I so annoyed?
Despite all the nonsense and racism that exists on Urban Dictionary, they refused my definition of Other Mo.

Mo out.

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