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Sadly I don’t have much time tonight to write, but it has been a couple of days now since my last post, and I didn’t want the fire to burn out.

First of all, I have made an About me page. Now all my adoring public can finally read about my childhood secrets. I should really write a Wikipedia page about myself, or at least have one commissioned, considering I’ll be future President of the World someday.

Okay… so I just Googled “President of the World” right now to see if anyone was in the running for my job, and I came across this:

It came from this site:

Initially, I thought this was a joke… but it turns out, it’s totally legit:
I don’t know if I’m impressed or still in disbelief. Either way, at least there’s already a platform for me to ascend to.

Back to business then.
If you read my last post, you’d know I was very excited about Rift. Well, the good news is I have found an in-game guild to adventure with. It is comprised of a bunch of really friendly, helpful, funny people and they call themselves The White Wolves. Well, I should say “we” because as of yesterday my application to join was accepted and I’m no longer a lonely Rogue. I HAVE FRIENDS EVERYBODY! Yaaaaay me.

On a more serious note, has anyone been following the long-running case about the child who may receive compensation as a result of her mother knowingly consuming alcohol during pregnancy? It caused the girl to suffer foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), and if the court case goes in her favour, it could result in drinking during pregnancy becoming a crime.

I apologise now because this next part gets really long and forces you to think about things. If you don’t like thinking, you can skip to the next section.

Personally, I think this is a long time coming. Drinking during pregnancy has been proven to result in children being born with disabilities… how can we possibly allow this ridiculous practice to continue? The Department of Health state that women should “avoid” alcohol when pregnant. Of course they can’t say “must not drink” as there is currently no consequence if a pregnant woman is found drinking. If it was a crime, then the guidelines could change… but how you’d govern such a law, I have no idea, especially in a country with such an extremely unhealthy obsession with alcohol as this one.
On the one hand you have people who clearly don’t know better, and despite the studies being there, they either are ignorant of the effects of alcohol on unborn babies, or choose to ignore it; and on the other hand, you have people complaining that the government thinks the county is stupid and that we don’t need to be babysat on every single issue. We’re clever enough to make our own decisions.

Are we? Really? I’d like to think so. But even though some people may be wiser, the problem is that there are still many adults, night after night, taking up hospital beds following bouts of binge drinking. There are still countless victims of alcohol related crimes. And there are still children born with FAS and similar syndromes/disabilities as a result of people governing themselves on these issues.

Alcohol is a drug, we cannot forget that. And it’s far more costly to this country in healthcare alone than all the other drugs combined, but this is something people fail to realise. In 2010, it was estimated that alcohol misuse directly costs the NHS around £2.7billion a year. That doesn’t seem like much in the grand scheme of things… but that figure doesn’t include all the alcohol related crimes (6% of all car accidents, 40% of all reported domestic violence cases, not to mention damage to property and violence in general). If we include alcohol related crimes, and the subsequent costs for court cases, prison, and other such factors, the estimates are roughly around £20billion-£50billion a year.
Let’s put that in perspective… all the illegal drugs together cost the country an estimated £16billion a year (with the same factors taken into consideration).

I’m not calling on a ban of alcohol or anything that extreme. All I’m saying is that people need to just think a little harder about their actions and look at the grand scheme of things before enjoying certain privileges. How much longer do you think we can continue the way we are before the “nanny state” decides to get more involved? Why, as a society, when given the opportunity to govern ourselves, we end up actively seeking out our own demise? Something to consider I suppose.

To wrap up today’s segment (which has now run over from Thursday to Friday), my random thought of the day:

Why do smokers never have their own lighters? Random smokers stop me in the street asking me if I have a light… and some of them actually get annoyed when I say no. “I’m sorry mate, but I DON’T SMOKE AND I’M NOT A PYROMANIAC!”.
Why do they get annoyed though? They smoke and don’t have a lighter. It would be like an artist going out to draw with a paper, but no pencils… asking you for a pencil, and then getting angry at you for not having one on your person.
Even the ones that don’t get annoyed – why don’t you just have your own lighter? You’ll pay hundreds on cigarettes, but can’t afford a 20p lighter… without which you wouldn’t be able to smoke anyway?
If you’re a smoker who does have a lighter: get in touch – you deserve an award of some kind… probably something like “Servant of the secret fire“.

This is Future President of the World, Mo Jiwa, signing off.

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