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Firstly, thank you Other Mo for the blog title. Can’t believe I didn’t see it. So dense.

If you’ve been speaking to me lately, you’ll know that I’m pretty addicted to Log Horizon.
Lee and Christine recommended it, and along with the support from Other Mo, they convinced me to watch it… and now I can’t stop.

Oh… wait… you probably don’t know what it is. Let me explain. It’s a manga (Japanese comic) that got turned into an anime (that’s a Japanese cartoon basically, but the not the kind for children. In Japan, even adults watch cartoons, so the content is geared toward a mature audience) about a video game called “Elder Tale”. Elder Tale is a very popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game… basically World of Warcraft for those of you with a lack of an education – and if you don’t know what that is, there’s no hope for you) that has taken the world by storm.

Log Horizon

With a lot of these kinds of games, updates are released periodically with exciting new missions, abilities, classes, whatever. At the point at which the show starts, a new update has just been released. The thing is though, everyone who was logged in when the update came out was suddenly transported into the game (think Tron/Matrix) and are now living their lives inside the MMO.

What ensues is MMO style tactical fighting, humour en masse, and the trials and tribulations of building a society in a world where people have insanely awesome powers!

So yes, when I watch it I am thoroughly entertained. It speaks to so many of my interests at once: Animation, computer games, humour, cool music, Japanese culture… but more importantly it makes me want to live that life. I want to be caught up in that world as a powerful magician leading my army of paladins and rogues to ultimate glory!
Sadly… I cannot. BUT, I can do the next best thing: Play an MMORPG! And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’ve played a few MMOs, but it’s really difficult to keep up with them when you don’t have a group. From Star Wars: The Old Republic, to Guild Wars, to Defiance… each time the interest starts big and then dwindles when Tan (Christine) decides she’d rather do some art stuff than raid a dungeon.
A couple of weeks ago, Tan got me playing another MMO: Rift. Rift is made by the same people who made Defiance (Trion Worlds), and I loved Defiance so I figured I’d give Rift a go… needless to say, I was hooked (that’s why I’m writing this… duh).

Rift is not a new game. In fact, it’s older than Defiance. But they made some changes and now it’s totally free to play (yay) and has some really cool additional things that made it more to my liking (like making your character do the chicken dances from Arrested Development).
But like any good drug dealer, Christine gave me a taste of Rift and left me (to go draw some griffin or whatever) wanting more.
Now, as a lone rogue assassin, I venture the vast landscape of the Rift universe in search of friends to explore and raid with. Call me kay?

Rift Raid

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