Of food and babies… with some random junk thrown in

Look girls and guys, I’m writing another blog post!
(Also, did you note how I put girls before guys? Yeah, that’s me, a man of equality… although, if it was really equal, they would be on the same level… how do you do that? I guess you’d say “Look people” or “Look everyone”… hmmm, let’s start this again)…

Look everyone, I’m writing another blog post! (Nailed it).
This weekend I have been babysitting, cooking, and to the cinema. How eventful. Don’t be sarcastic now, it is eventful… and let me prove it to you (with words and a picture).

Firstly, I went home this weekend (I don’t know why I call it home, because I don’t live there, but it’s my hometown) and stayed at my brother’s house (see, not even my parents’ house). For those of you who don’t know, my brother had a gorgeous baby boy last November and his name is Zak. I’ll probably be writing about him a lot over the coming years, so you better start getting used to him being mentioned on this!
Anyway, whilst there, I spent some quality time with my nephew, even though he was a little ill and spent a lot of Saturday in tears the poor thing. Despite that, I still managed to snap some amazingly cute photos of him, my favourite of which is this:


After spending some awesome time with him during the day, I spent my nights watching my new favourite anime: Log Horizon (thank you Lee and Christine for this recommendation).

At this juncture in my ramblings, I’d like to point out that I mentioned Lee… that’s Lee Marco everybody: Japanese fiend and cosplay extraordinaire. I mention him explicitly because he complained ceaselessly that he wasn’t mentioned last time. So now there is no excuse… and if he cancels DnD (that’s Dungeons and Dragons to all you non-cool folk) one more time, I’ll push his character off a cliff and steal his loot.

When I got back to London, I saw the latest Wes Anderson film (you’ll know him once you go to the IMDB page and see the movies he’s done), “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, which was nothing less than a delight to watch. So Wes Anderson in every way.

Following the movie, I had a very ranty rant about taxes (don’t even get me started… actually, I’ll save that one for another day) followed by cooking a lot of food.
In fact, I managed to cook enough food for four days… FOUR DAYS! I made a pretty awesome chickpea curry with spinach, carrots and potatoes; as well as a stir-fry with Quorn, red cabbage and carrots.
I’ll have the former with rice and the latter with noodles. Wow… how boring is this post? It’s just an account of my weekend, because I’m like so super interesting. Yeah… I am! When I’m President of the World, my thoughts will be read out on a loudspeaker worldwide for everyone to hear… and LIKE!
Don’t laugh… it’s going to happen.

Finally, to sign off, I’d just like to say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, unless the birds are trapped in the bush, or your hand has been chopped off and is actually far away from you, or the bird is dead and rotting in your hand, or the birds in the bush are more valuable than the one in your hand, or… well, you get the picture. The moral of the story: Don’t make up stupid phrases that can be unravelled with a tiny bit of thought. You can quote me on that.


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