Olympics London 2012: What’s happened to London?

I need to start off by stating one fact: I am an Olympic Grinch. I do not like the Olympics. In fact, I find watching sport in general to be rather boring (with a few exceptions), and most of all, I hate how everyone feels the need to start working out/playing sports just before the event. My gym is now packed with part-time Olympic ‘wannabies’ and it bugs the hell out of me because my time there is now being squandered by these pathetic, easily influenced sheep; who will all disappear the moment the Games are over.
There are other gripes I have with the Olympics, for example, the corporate bullying that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are exerting over smaller companies. I could write an entire essay on everything that is wrong with just this aspect of the Olympic Games… but I’m not going to.
In fact, I’m going to do the exact opposite. I’m actually going to reveal to you what’s great about the Games being in London (don’t hold your breath though, I’ll never convert).

London is alive with the sound of… People

Since last year’s Royal Wedding, the eye of the World has been on London. Earlier this year we had the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and now the Olympic Games. What these events have resulted in is an extortionate amount of tax payers’ money going into fixing up and decorating parts of London that would otherwise have been left untouched.
There are a lot of things wrong with this – Firstly, it cost the British tax payer tens of millions of Pounds to send the Queen up the river in a boat when there’s nurses and school teachers out of work and people dying in hospital beds. Having a celebration is fun, but you should first resolve the more important issues at hand.
Secondly, all of this tidying up is being done just because people from abroad are coming to visit our city… MY city. What that tells me is “Mo, you and the rest of the London tax payers are not nearly important enough for us to actually make your city better for you; but when a bunch of tourists are coming just for a couple of weeks, we’ll pull out all the stops and fix all those ugly things in a jiffy.”
Believe it or not, it does actually hurt me a little bit. I love this city. To me, it’s the best city in the World (joint with Barcelona), and unlike many Londoners, I LOVE having tourists come to visit. I will go out of my way to help anyone looking even slightly lost, and I make it my goal to ensure I know as much about this place as possible. I have no problems with visitors to London, in fact, I want more! But what I don’t like, is being made to feel like I’m not important enough to be considered, despite the fact that my hard earned money has gone towards the pretty lights and paint that was being used to fix this place up.

That rant aside however, London looks more beautiful than ever. The building and bridges are alive well into the night.
One of my biggest gripes about London is that once it gets past about 8pm, there’s nothing to do. Suddenly, with our onslaught of visitors, mainly from Western Europe (where they out partying till late even on a school night), so many coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, and clubs have extended their opening times. There is live music in Central London until as late as 11pm. To most Londoners this won’t make a difference, as they’re all in bed by 9pm (no joke of a lie); however for me and the rest of the World, it’s a welcome change. There’s finally life in this city after sunset.

The events for the public that have been organised are really outstanding. There’s no shortage of fun to be had, and although it upsets me that we don’t have this all year round (which we should, considering we’re one of the most well known Capital cities in the World), and that they’ll probably take down everything once the Games are over; for the time being it’s building up to be an incredible atmosphere, and the Games haven’t even started yet.

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