Assuming the Role: Part 5 – Knights of the Old Republic

Having finally done my 20 hour stint on Fallout 3 (which took me significantly less time than on Mass Effect), I am still FAR from completing that game.
But can I say, it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages in a game. So much to do, literally limitless.
I was evil as evil can be. Killing anyone and everything in my way. I loved it to bits.
I loved that you could save anywhere you wanted, that you could make your own awesome weapons. Just… wow.

It’s not perfect however. Some things did bug me:
– Having to walk miles and miles to get to somewhere new – it’s okay the start, but even after only 20 hours I started to get bored of this.
– The overly repetitive music on the radio station. With such a huge game, you’d think they’d get more than 5 songs on a loop. I mean, 20 hours listening to the same 5 songs, and the most annoying radio DJ ever was a bit much. But it was either that… or silence.

But that aside, it was awesome. I love the perks and the weapons. I barely got through the story line, but it’s a game I can most definitely see myself coming back to.
As promised, here is my character (remember, they had no brown people):

Now I’ve moved on to Knights of the Old Republic. I have played this game before, but only for about 5 hours – then I had to go to uni, and so left it. But I loved it. If there was ever a way to get me in RPG’s, it’s by making a Star Wars one! hehe.
So now I’m starting again. Last time I played was very different to this time, as I’m starting off a scoundrel as opposed to a soldier. And it’s the first time I’m playing as a female character (if you’re going to play an RPG, might as well diversify as much as possible). Unfortunately the characters are not as customisable as newer games, but here’s my character nonetheless.
Keep checking back to see how I progress!

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